Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy Cow

Children on the trail to Zion loved their animals, just like we do.  These youngsters of yesteryear walked side by side with horses, oxen, cows, dogs not to mention the wild animals they constantly came in contact with.

One young girl, 13-year-old Margaret McNeil was particularly fond of her milk cow.  She wrote:

"Our cow was  Jersey and had a long tail.  When it was necessary to cross a river, I would wind the end of the cow's tail around my hand and swim across with her...Had it not been for her milk we would have starved...Every morning I would rise early and get breakfast for the family and milk my cow so that I could hurry and drive her on ahead of the company.  Then I would let her eat in all the grassy places until the company had passed on ahead, when i would hurry and catch up with them...It was important to see that she was well fed."

Not only did thousands of saint make the rugged journey to the Salt Lake Valley, thousands of their faithful animals plodded the paths as well.  Together, they made a wonderful team. 

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