Friday, June 15, 2012

Great deal on last minute trek stuff

Here's some great last minute advice on where to find great deals on trek stuff from another trek goer.

"I thought I would share the love for those of you who have procrastinated getting your own stuff together as much as me.

There is a generic gold bond at Dollar tree in Magna.   I have not tried it myself (; but the ingredients are the same and it smells just as geriatric (no offense).

There are really heavy duty pie tins there also that would work great for mess kits as well as two packs of silverware (we had to help a few of our youth get these kinds of things so I have shopped around a little).

Flashlights for a buck w/crap batteries but you can swap those out.  Also, lighters w/the long handle.
At Walmart in the Laundry aisle (hangers clothes pins etc aisle, not detergent) there are lingerie bags that work great for these mess kits and they are 97 cents each.

If you have not picked up or borrowed roasting sticks they have them at Winco for $1.8-something, right as you walk in the front doors.  Just past the chips but before the on sale refrigerator/freezer section.  The box is on the floor.  There are 4 in a pack and they are wood so you don't have to worry about losing them or returning them.

Harmons had the idea of using zip ties to put on your belongings and then attaching the duct tape to the zip tie so you don't leave that sticky disaster that the tape leaves all over your or others equipment.    I bought some of those ball and chain key ring things that have your personal information written down back in the tire/oil change section at Walmart for 97c for 2  for my tents so the zip ties don't puncture the fabric.

Girls button down long sleeve shirts are $5 at Suzies Deals in Magna as well as scrub bottoms for $8 to make into bloomers.  The DI is not any cheaper for the shirts.  Just FYI.

Anyway, just a few ideas for anyone who is looking for any of this and not knowing where to start."

(Thanks April Hendrickson for the great ideas.)

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