Youth will be asked to dress in period clothing throughout the trek.  For a complete packing list of what clothing you need to have click this link.

Here is a quick overview.

Boys should wear long pants (NOT JEANS), long sleeved shirts and sturdy hiking shoes.  A bandanna around your neck will provide protection from the sun and can be wet with water to help keep you cool.  A wide brimmed hat is also important for protection and shade.

Girls should wear long dresses or skirts with long sleeved shirts as well.  A bonnet is a must  to keep the sun off and "pantaloons"/"bloomers" will help keep you legs from chaffing.  (Pantaloons/Bloomers: Four years ago I bought used scrubs from DI and cut the pants to carpi length.  The fabric was light and airy and they worked great).  You will also want sturdy shoes.

Click this link for some sewing tutorials to help create your very own pioneer designs. 

Be sure your shoes are well worn in BEFORE we head off on trek.  Few things are worse than having to endure blisters while you walk for miles and miles because your shoes weren't properly broken in.

If you have questions or need help with your clothing please contact Wendy Stoddard.

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