Ma's & Pa's

We'd like to introduce you to the incredible people who have volunteered to be Ma's and Pa's for our trek.  They have selflessly chosen to parent groups of teenagers they don't really know and aren't even related to during  long bus rides and hot handcart pulls.  These wonderful couples have been prayerfully selected and are excited for the chance to act as Ma's and Pa's to the youth of our stake.  

Robert and Alice Burch

Brandon and Natalie Carlisle (and some mini Carlisles who -- sadly -- will not be with them on trek).

Brent and Jaena Gibson

Silvester and Anejandra Guttierez

Brian and Lisa Harmon

Clay and Debra Hatch

Dave and April Hendrickson

Grant and Susan Jasper

David and Teresa Long

Dave and Erin McKenzie

Wayne and Vickie Meier

Rick and Denise Munro

Ray and Elida Murray
Damon and Jen Pearson

Tevita and Niki Pela

Mike and Rachael Terry

Nate and Mariann Thomas

David and Dawn Warner

Ron and Rachel Whicker

Matt and Amanda Spiers

Drew and Marie Whitmore

Chase and Jamie Bawden

Jordan and Shanon Mulford

Mark and Jenifer Chesley

Erick and Tiffany Diaz

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