Sunday, March 11, 2012

Design your own pioneer duds

On our trek we have been asked to dress in authentic (ok, authentic may be an overstatement as our clothes probably won't be made of wool and the styles will be off for sure) pioneer clothing.

Since most of us probably don't have bonnets and pantaloons and sturdy aprons hanging around the house (or maybe that's how you roll, I don't know) here are some online tutorials that can help you put together a smashing pioneer wardrobe to help you get ready for trek.

These tutorials include step by step photographs to help make things as easy as possible even for those who only pull out the sewing machine to repair popped seams and simple things like that. 

Here is a pattern for a bonnet.

Below is a great pattern for a skirt (Ladies, one word of warning.  I thought I would be brilliant on the last trek and just schlep over to DI and pick up a couple of used skirts that seemed pretty full so that I didn't have to make anything.  Once I got on trek I discovered that store bought skirts aren't really made to allow for climbing over rocks and long strides up and down mountain paths.  I suggest if you buy a skirt you try a bit of hiking -- not just walking -- in it to see if it does the job and if not then cut the side seams and add some extra fabric to give you more room.)  Or you could just make your own skirt with this pattern.

You will be VERY grateful to have pockets readily available, so an apron is a MUST (as an added bonus it keeps you a bit cleaner and is a nice place to wipe your hands and fun stuff like that).  I made short aprons the last time and wished for longer ones; here's a pattern you might like.
Guys, we don't want you to feel left out.  I imagine you could find great shirts at second hand stores (and movement probably won't pose much of an issue for your top half) but here is a shirt pattern if you want to err on the side of authenticism (if that were even a word).

Have fun putting together a wardrobe that will really put you in the pioneer spirit.

If you have questions or concerns about pioneer clothing you can contact Wendy Stoddard, our clothing committee chair.  Find her contact info under the "staff" page.


  1. Your bonnet looks fantastic!

  2. If you look at the bonnet from a mechanical view . You notice that bill is a sun shade . The main body and neck apron are there to keep road dust off the hair and neck . Just imagine how dirty a wagon train pulled by teams of horses or oxen was .