Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rescue Riders (angels on horseback)

Time and time again, pioneers were asked to rely on one another for strength and support as they crossed the plains.  The trials they faced forced the saints to pull together as a family and learn to love and help each other.  The unity they learned thanks to these experiences helped them as they settled into the Salt Lake Valley and began to work together to build a new life.

One of the  most miraculous helps that took place during these treks was the heroic efforts of rescue riders who put themselves in harms way, after safely making their on journey, to return to the trail and help those who were struggling so they could make it to safety.

These guardians in chaps and hats were nothing short of  Heaven sent and will ever be remembered by those whose lives they touched. 

Take a peek as this beautiful video to really get a feel for these angels on horseback who came to the rescue.

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