Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trek Fireside Highlights

Tonight's youth conference trek fireside was wonderful.  It was great to hear youth and adults share their experiences and insights from past treks as well as see pictures and hear stories about the trail we will be traveling this year.

Valuable information was shared and testimonies were born.

Brother Marriot, our trek master, shared some logistical bits and pieces.

*Trek costs will be $30 per person (for leaders and youth)
*Medical Team will be training Ma's and Pa's for many situations so someone who can treat problems is always close by.
*Each person attending will receive a bound memento booklet to record and remember trek.
*Families will be determined soon so that they can meet and get to know each other before trek.
*Pre-trek activities (like hikes and dances) will be coming soon!

President McDaniel told the youth that (shhh don't tell the grown ups) the youth are his favorite group in the stake.  He also said that while trek is truly "the best of time and the worst of times" it is also full of miraculous moments.

He highlighted three ways that trek will change your life.

1. Physically Strengthened: You WILL come back stronger than you left.  President McDaniel said, "After the most physically demanding times, you receive spiritual experiences...After you have given all you have, the Lord will lift you."

2. Emotionally Tested:  You won't know what is coming next, you will be tied to people you don't really know, but you will find strength inside that you didn't know you had and you will grow.

3. Spiritually Strengthened:  After trek you will never be the same.  If you choose to go you will experience miracles and your testimony will be strengthened.  If you attempt to get to know the Lord and the spirit, you will.

President McDaniel taught that trek is an investment.  He promised that trek changes lives and promised that it will change your life. 

He then issued the youth an important challenge:

"Look around you.  Look at who isn't here.  Now go to them and ask them to go with you to trek.  You need them to go and they need to go and they need the Lord as well."

He concluded with this powerful promise, "If you make the choice to go (on trek) it will be one of those experiences that will be a miracle in your life."

For more information about the upcoming trek click the "basic information" tab above.

Watch weekly for more updates and insights about trek.

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